A Few Testimonials

Following are some testimonials from those we have conducted searches for:

“Judy, I can’t tell you what an amazing, wonderful, faith-building, life-changing experience this has been! You have blessed me with such joy!” -An adoptee, after being reunited with her birth mother

“I am sitting here counting my blessings, and can’t help but thank God for bringing you into my life… What a marvelous thing you did to find my daughter.” -A Birth mother after being reunited with her daughter

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your call was so unexpected, especially after fifty years… just imagine, after 50 years, I will be meeting [my birth daughter] in just a week now.  You will be in my heart forever!” -A birth mother after reuniting her with her daughter

I would like to share the wonderful experience I had while searching for my birth mother. Over the years I searched on and off without any success. I found that either no one really wanted to help too much, or the “agencies” I did contact wanted a lot of money (even if their search for me was unsuccessful).

Then one day, just out of the blue, I received an email from Judy Sellin who I had never even heard of. After a few emails we finally talked on the phone, and believe me it was one of the most emotional phone calls I have ever experienced. By the end of the conversation I knew she was genuine.

After years and years of me searching, she found my birth mother in just a little over a week! I was extremely shocked to get a call two days after Mother’s Day, to hear that she had found her! The Sunday in that same week, I had my first phone conversation with my Mom!!!! It was very surreal for both of us. Since then we have talked on the phone every single week, and many emails in between. We actually made a long trip out to the island to meet in person last summer. It was amazing!

Without Judy, I know I would still not have my Mom, my stepdad, my brothers or anyone else in my life! The countless hours she and her son spent on this for me, and done so unselfishly and with such caring. She is my Angel on Earth, and I will forever be grateful for everything she has done!

Because of Judy I now also have my medical history, new wonderful relatives I didn’t know about, and answers to the many questions I have had over the years.

I really do know how much time and effort she puts into these searches, and it does take away from many aspects of her personal life. She puts everything aside, including health, family, business, not to mention all her volunteer work etc. she does. She is one of a kind and not many people in this world today are like her.

I know that if anyone is lucky enough to get Judy’s help, they will never ever regret it! She puts her heart and soul into these searches, and always puts the feelings of others first. For the amount you may have to pay for her services, it will be a life-changing experience that will help everyone in some way, shape or form. Even if I just met Judy today, I would not hesitate in getting her help with my search.

She truly is one in a million! — Debbie (an adoptee)