Why We Search

Judy Sellin, Lead Searcher

Judy Sellin, Lead Searcher

Everybody has the right to know from whom and where they came.

I think I started searching for people by accident, or perhaps accident is too strong of a word… but always had a desire to solve a mystery and bring transparency to situations. That has always been me. Even in my own family life, if there was a rumour that we were related to somebody, it would be me who would do a search to discover the truth. It’s always been a natural thing for me to want to find the truth and bring transparency to family.

I started searching officially in 1990, when I opened up the paper in the city I lived in, and saw that a lady was looking for her birth mother. It was nearing Mother’s Day, and I thought, wouldn’t that be nice if I could find this young woman’s mother. Apparently this birth mother had been living in my city, so I thought it would make it easier for me to find her.

Long story made short, the adoptee had her non-identifying birth family history from the Province of BC, but was living in Saskatchewan at the time. However, before that history even arrived, based on what I had discussed with her on the phone, I located her uncle and her aunt. They also of course knew where her birth mother was, and when she arrived at my home, she was able to have a first conversation with her mother via telephone.

Since that search, I have successfully reunited many more families – often completing my searches in three days or less, to the surprise and even amazement of many.